Consulting Services

#1 Digital strategy consultancy. Why? Because we grow our own software product ZipDo and share our learnings with clients.


Consulting sprints


If you need 1-2 days of strategy advice or we should review the strategy you are working on.

10 hours
280 EUR per hour

€ 2.800 total


If we should jump on board for a week and define the strategy you are going to execute.

25 hours
250 EUR per hour

€ 6.250 total


If you need ongoing support and a sparring partner to make crucial strategic decisions.

50 hours +
225 EUR per hour

min. € 11.250 total

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Do-it-yourself consulting

Single toolkit

Do you have a specific business problem?

Purchase one of our 5 toolkits to get access to all of our respective knowledge.

€ 99 total


Do you want to build a successful venture but you lack guidance?

Purchase our venture building toolkit to learn how to build and scale a digital product.

€ 499 total

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If you want to kick a project off the right way or resolve an issue with an external moderator.

8 hours
280 EUR per hour

€ 2240 Total


If you want team wide strategic alignment on a new service or product.

24 hours
250 EUR per hour

€ 6000 Total


If you want organization wide strategic alignment on a new service or product.

40 hours
240 EUR per hour

€ 9600 Total

Prices are valid for groups up to 15 people. Otherwise individual rates apply.

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Our Services


Are you looking to transform your business and explore digital business models? But you don’t know where to start? It’s time to ideate!

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Do you have a clear picture of your idea, know where your market is heading, who your competitors and customer are?  It’s time to scope your product!

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Do you have a detailed idea of your new business model and you are ready to start building and validating your business idea. It’s time to build!

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You built at least a MVP, validated your business idea and you are now ready to sell your product? It’s time to scale your go-to-market motion!

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Did you find product-market fit and were able to scale your client base? But now you struggle to keep your customers? It’s time to optimize your customer experience!

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Frequently asked questions

ZipDo is a meeting management and productivity software with an emphasis on having less meetings and making the meetings you still have more efficient and effective. We provide you with an online collaboration space for your meetings to exchange relevant information before, during and after meetings take place.

Because we believe in the power of sharing. You will certainly learn something from us, but next to getting paid we hopefully also learn something from you. We can then go back and apply those valuable insights to our business.

To be honest we would recommend you to buy the EUR 499 self-serve consulting toolkit. Why? Because it is cheaper and we distilled all of your standard procedures into one toolkit. Hence, you force yourself to really think through your problems on your own. However if you need more of a different perspective or additional manpower, booking our sprints or workshops might be the better option.

No client is the same. The only thing which stays constant is our mantra which states “if you win, we win”. Accordingly we scope a your project with you and provide you with an offer.

Wouldn’t that be great? The reality is that we busy people with ZipDo. Therefore there are no discounts. If we spend time with our consulting clients, then we do that out of conviction and want to get paid accordingly.

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