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Sococo is a team communication software that allows users to connect with each other in real-time. With Sococo, teams can easily stay connected and collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. Sococo’s features include video conferencing, chat messaging, file sharing, and more.

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Sococo is currently rated on G2, GetApp, TrustRadius.

Sococo works on SaaS/Web/Cloud, Mobile - iOS, Mobile - Android, Desktop - Mac, Desktop - Windows.

Sococo offers training via Documentation, Live Online.

Sococo offers support Online, Business Hours.

Slack, Team App, MyChat, Blink are the top alternatives to Sococo.

Sococo has many features amongst which are Real-Time Chat, Search, Discussion Threads, Internal Meetings, Committee Meetings, Materials Management, Recruiting Management, Video Chat, Chat / Messaging, Space / Room Setup, Invitation Management, Agenda Management, Time & Attendance Management, Self Service Portal, Training Management, Two-Way Audio & Video, Mobile Access, Activity / News Feed, Attendance Management, Performance Management, Agile Methodologies, Collaboration, Employee Directory, Screen Sharing, Attendee Management, Travel Management, Audio / Video Conferencing, File Sharing, Call Center, Video Conferencing, Board Meetings, Client Management, Voice Chat, Private Chat, Onboarding, Team Chat, Push Notifications, On-Demand Webcasting, Client Portal, Post-Meeting Tools, Multi-User Collaboration, Presentation Tools, Chat/Messaging.

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Sococo is a great choice for team communication because it offers a variety of features that allow teams to stay connected and collaborate effectively. Sococo's chat, video, and audio capabilities make it easy to communicate with team members in real-time, no matter where they are located. Additionally, Sococo's task management and file sharing features help teams keep track of projects and work together efficiently. Overall, Sococo is an excellent tool for enhancing team communication and collaboration.
I've tried out Sococo and I wasn't impressed. It's missing a lot of features that are important to me, like video conferencing and file sharing. Without those, it's just not worth my time.
Sococo is a great team communication software for small businesses. It allows us to stay connected and communicate with each other easily, which is essential for our business. Sococo has helped us improve our productivity and efficiency, and we would recommend it to any small business looking for a good team communication solution.
The Sococo customer support team is terrible. They are unresponsive and don't seem to care about their customers. I have been waiting for a response to my ticket for over a week now, and I'm starting to lose hope. If you're looking for a team communication software, I would recommend avoiding Sococo.
If you're looking for a top-notch team communication software, Sococo is the way to go. With its easy-to-use interface and enterprise-level features, Sococo is perfect for businesses of all sizes. From small startups to large corporations, Sococo has the tools and features you need to stay connected with your team.
Sococo is the worst team communication software I've ever used. The functionality is terrible and it's always crashing. I would not recommend this to anyone.
I've been using Sococo for a few months now and I absolutely love it! The best thing about it is that it allows remote teams to work together as if they were in the same room. We can see each other's faces, hear each other's voices, and share screens - which makes collaborating on projects so much easier. It's also great for impromptu catch-ups or quick check-ins since we don't have to schedule anything in advance.
I've been using Sococo for a while now and I absolutely love it! The customer support is amazing - they are always so quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have. They make sure that I am always able to use the software effectively and efficiently. Overall, Sococo is an excellent team communication tool that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great way to stay connected with their team members.
Team Communication Software
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Real-Time Chat
Discussion Threads
Internal Meetings
Committee Meetings
Materials Management
Recruiting Management
Video Chat
Chat / Messaging
Space / Room Setup
Invitation Management
Agenda Management
Time & Attendance Management
Self Service Portal
Training Management
Two-Way Audio & Video
Mobile Access
Activity / News Feed
Attendance Management
Performance Management
Agile Methodologies
Employee Directory
Screen Sharing
Attendee Management
Travel Management
Audio / Video Conferencing
File Sharing
Call Center
Video Conferencing
Board Meetings
Client Management
Voice Chat
Private Chat
Team Chat
Push Notifications
On-Demand Webcasting
Client Portal
Post-Meeting Tools
Multi-User Collaboration
Presentation Tools