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Asana is a project management software that enables users to better collaborate on tasks and projects. It offers features such as task lists, calendars, file sharing, and email integration. Asana makes it easy for users to stay organized and focused on their work.

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Asana is currently rated on Capterra, Crozdesk, G2, GetApp, Software Advice, TrustRadius.

Asana works on SaaS/Web/Cloud, Mobile - iOS, Mobile - Android, Desktop - Mac, Desktop - Windows.

Asana offers training via Documentation, Live Online, Webinars.

Asana offers support Online, Business Hours.

24SevenOffice, Goalscape, Flowup, Worksection are the top alternatives to Asana.

Asana has many features amongst which are Gantt Charts, Reseller Management, Visual Workflow Management, Status Tracking, Time & Expense Tracking, Strategic Planning, Scenario Planning, Sales Intelligence, To-Do List View, Materials Management, Issue Auditing, KPIs, Time Tracking, Calendar Management, Asset Library, Knowledge Base, Channel Analytics, Idea Ranking, Issue Scheduling, Analytics / ROI Tracking, Cost-to-Completion Tracking, Customizable Templates, Asset Management, Search Within Document, Collaboration, Release Management, Spreadsheet View, Issue Tracking, Bug Tracking, Attendee Management, Access Controls/Permissions, Recurring Tasks, Third Party Integrations, Customizable CTAs, Product Management, Idea Management, Brainstorming, Metadata Management, Portfolio Management, Client Portal, Task Planning, Lead Capture, Goal Setting / Tracking, Action Item Tracking, Meeting Room Booking, Project Management, Brand Control, Lead Database Integration, Roadmapping, Pipeline Management, Dashboard, Customizable Dashboard, Document Creation, Media Planning, Task Board View, Mobile App, Gamification, Backlog Management, Process Change Tracking, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Order Management, Kanban Board, Business Process Automation, Alerts / Notifications, Supports Agile, Reporting/Analytics, Assignment Management, Task Management, Lead Management, Campaign Management, Creator Tracking, Travel Management, Configurable Workflow, Progress Tracking, A/B Testing, File Sharing, Board Meetings, Requirements Management, Customizable Branding, Team Chat, Drip Campaigns, Asset Categorization, Opportunity Management, Lead Scoring, Feedback Management, Dynamic Content, Testing / QA Management, Project Tracking, Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Create Subtasks, Asset Sharing, Committee Meetings, Minutes Management, Collaboration Tools, Recruiting Management, Channel Management, No-Code, Invitation Management, Escalation Management, Contractor Management, Resource Management, Event Triggered Actions, Mobile Access, Spend Management, File Conversion, Compliance Tracking, Task Tracking, Document Management, Partner Management, Forms Management, Scheduling, Skills Tracking, Legislative Meetings, Business Rules Management, Incentive Management, Meeting Preparation Tools, Budget Management, Presentation Tools, Lead Segmentation, Change Management, Process Modeling & Design, Predictive Analytics, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Issues, Internal Meetings, Benchmarking, Goal Management, Feedback Collection, Fulfillment Distribution, Agenda Management, Approval Process Control, Process Mapping, Marketing Calendar, Artwork Management, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Segmentation, Prioritization, Agile Methodologies, Version Control, Search/Filter, Project Planning, Inventory Control, Product Roadmapping, Notes Management, Database Creation, Access Controls / Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Multi-Campaign, Workflow Configuration, Budgeting & Forecasting, Task Scheduling, Traditional Methodologies, Filtering, Workflow Management, Post-Meeting Tools, Flowchart, Supports Scrum, Contact Database.

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Asana is a great choice for project management software because it is user-friendly, has many features to help manage projects effectively, and integrates well with other software. I have used Asana on several occasions to manage work tasks and have found it helpful in keeping track of deadlines and assigned tasks. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, which makes managing projects less daunting. Overall, I highly recommend Asana as a project management tool for anyone looking for an effective way to organize their work.
Asana is missing a lot of features that are essential for project management. It's hard to keep track of tasks and deadlines, and there's no way to see who is working on what. The interface is also confusing and difficult to use. Overall, I wouldn't recommend Asana to anyone looking for a good project management software.
Asana is a project management software that is perfect for small businesses. It allows you to keep track of all your projects and tasks in one place, which makes it easy to stay organized and on top of everything. Asana also makes it easy to collaborate with others on projects, which is essential for small businesses that often need to work with outside contractors or partners. Overall, Asana is an excellent tool for small businesses that need to manage multiple projects at once.
Asana's customer support is terrible. I've been waiting for a response to my ticket for over a week, and all I've gotten are automated responses telling me that someone will get back to me soon. Meanwhile, my project is falling behind because I can't get the help I need. Do yourself a favor and find another software to manage your projects.
Asana is a project management software that helps enterprises keep track of their projects and tasks. It is easy to use and has a lot of features that make it very helpful for managing projects. Asana makes it easy to see what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, which makes it perfect for keeping large projects organized.
Asana is the best project management software I've ever used. It's simple to use and has all the features I need to keep my projects organized. Asana makes it easy to collaborate with others and stay on track.
I've been using Asana for a few months now and I absolutely love it! The customer support is amazing - they are always quick to respond to my questions and help me troubleshoot any issues I have. They make sure I'm getting the most out of the software and are always available to help me out. Highly recommend!
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Gantt Charts
Reseller Management
Visual Workflow Management
Status Tracking
Time & Expense Tracking
Strategic Planning
Scenario Planning
Sales Intelligence
To-Do List View
Materials Management
Issue Auditing
Time Tracking
Calendar Management
Asset Library
Knowledge Base
Channel Analytics
Idea Ranking
Issue Scheduling
Analytics / ROI Tracking
Cost-to-Completion Tracking
Customizable Templates
Asset Management
Search Within Document
Release Management
Spreadsheet View
Issue Tracking
Bug Tracking
Attendee Management
Access Controls/Permissions
Recurring Tasks
Third Party Integrations
Customizable CTAs
Product Management
Idea Management
Metadata Management
Portfolio Management
Client Portal
Task Planning
Lead Capture
Goal Setting / Tracking
Action Item Tracking
Meeting Room Booking
Project Management
Brand Control
Lead Database Integration
Pipeline Management
Customizable Dashboard
Document Creation
Media Planning
Task Board View
Mobile App
Backlog Management
Process Change Tracking
Email Marketing
Lead Nurturing
Order Management
Kanban Board
Business Process Automation
Alerts / Notifications
Supports Agile
Assignment Management
Task Management
Lead Management
Campaign Management
Creator Tracking
Travel Management
Configurable Workflow
Progress Tracking
A/B Testing
File Sharing
Board Meetings
Requirements Management
Customizable Branding
Team Chat
Drip Campaigns
Asset Categorization
Opportunity Management
Lead Scoring
Feedback Management
Dynamic Content
Testing / QA Management
Project Tracking
Issue Management
Milestone Tracking
Create Subtasks
Asset Sharing
Committee Meetings
Minutes Management
Collaboration Tools
Recruiting Management
Channel Management
Invitation Management
Escalation Management
Contractor Management
Resource Management
Event Triggered Actions
Mobile Access
Spend Management
File Conversion
Compliance Tracking
Task Tracking
Document Management
Partner Management
Forms Management
Skills Tracking
Legislative Meetings
Business Rules Management
Incentive Management
Meeting Preparation Tools
Budget Management
Presentation Tools
Lead Segmentation
Change Management
Process Modeling & Design
Predictive Analytics
Percent-Complete Tracking
Recurring Issues
Internal Meetings
Goal Management
Feedback Collection
Fulfillment Distribution
Agenda Management
Approval Process Control
Process Mapping
Marketing Calendar
Artwork Management
Landing Pages / Web Forms
Agile Methodologies
Version Control
Project Planning
Inventory Control
Product Roadmapping
Notes Management
Database Creation
Access Controls / Permissions
Activity Dashboard
Workflow Configuration
Budgeting & Forecasting
Task Scheduling
Traditional Methodologies
Workflow Management
Post-Meeting Tools
Supports Scrum
Contact Database