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Affinity Photo is a professional photo editing software that offers an extensive set of tools for correcting, retouching and manipulating photos. It provides a non-destructive workflow with support for RAW files, allowing users to make changes to their photos without affecting the original image file. Affinity Photo also offers advanced features such as layers, masking, curves and levels adjustment tools, HDR merge and tone mapping capabilities, panorama stitching and much more.

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Affinity Photo is currently rated on Capterra, G2, GetApp.

Affinity Photo works on SaaS/Web/Cloud, Mobile - iOS, Desktop - Mac, Desktop - Windows.

Affinity Photo offers support Online.

Ribbet, PicResize, PixTeller, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic are the top alternatives to Affinity Photo.

Affinity Photo has many features amongst which are Transform tools, Import-Export Option, Effects and Filters, Batch Editing, Built-in Templates, Text Tool, Remove objects, Enhancement Tools.

Affinity Photo is a great choice for photo editing software because it offers a wide range of features and tools that are easy to use. The software is also constantly being updated with new features and improvements. Affinity Photo is also reasonably priced, making it a great option for those on a budget.
I was really disappointed in Affinity Photo. It's missing a lot of features that other photo editing software has, and it's not nearly as user-friendly. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Affinity Photo is a great photo editing software for small businesses. It is easy to use and has all the features you need to edit photos professionally. The software is also very affordable, making it a great option for small businesses on a budget.
If you're looking for a powerful photo editor that's easy to use, Affinity Photo is the best choice for enterprises. It has all the features you need to edit photos professionally, and its intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to learn how to use. Affinity Photo is also much cheaper than other professional photo editors on the market, so it's a great value for enterprises.
I really enjoy using Affinity Photo! It's a great photo editing software that is very user-friendly and has a lot of great features. I love being able to edit my photos quickly and easily, and the results are always amazing. The software is also constantly being updated with new features and improvements, so it just keeps getting better and better.
I had a great experience with the customer support of Affinity Photo. They were very responsive and helped me solve my problem quickly. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone who is looking for a great photo editing experience.
Photo Editing Software
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Transform tools
Import-Export Option
Effects and Filters
Batch Editing
Built-in Templates
Text Tool
Remove objects
Enhancement Tools