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Magic is the world’s first passwordless authentication software that allows users to securely log in to their accounts without having to remember any passwords. With Magic, all you need is your fingerprint or a simple PIN code to access your account...
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SAWO is a passwordless authentication software that allows users to securely log in to their accounts without the need for a password. With SAWO, users can simply enter their username and email address to log in, and they will be automatically logged...
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Transmit Security
Transmit Security is an award-winning passwordless authentication software that provides a secure, convenient and user-friendly way to authenticate users. It uses a variety of industry-leading technologies to provide a high level of security and conv...
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Frequently asked questions

The Passwordless Authentication Software works by generating a unique QR code for each user. This QR code is then scanned using the mobile app and linked to that specific account, which can be used as an alternative login method in place of passwords or PINs. Once this process has been completed, users will no longer need to remember their password or PIN number when logging into your website/app – they simply scan the generated QR Code with their smartphone camera.

There are two types of Passwordless Authentication Software. The first type is a software that allows you to log into your computer without entering any password at all, and the second one is an application which can be used for logging in to websites or applications on mobile devices.

Passwordless Authentication Software is a great way to increase security and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. It also eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords, which can be difficult in today’s world where we have so many accounts that require us to log on with different credentials.

The main disadvantage of a Passwordless Authentication Software is that it can be hacked. If the hacker gets access to your account, he/she will have full control over all your accounts and data stored in them. This means you need to take extra care while using this software as compared to other authentication methods like passwords or PINs etc.

Any company that wants to improve their security and reduce the risk of data breaches should consider Passwordless Authentication Software. It is a great solution for companies with multiple offices, as it allows employees to login from any location without having access to sensitive information such as passwords or usernames.

The most important criteria for buying a Passwordless Authentication Software are the number of users, price and security. If you want to save money on your purchase, then it is better if you choose an inexpensive product from our rating list – this one will do its job perfectly.

The Passwordless Authentication Software is installed on the user’s computer. It will then automatically log into all of your websites and applications without requiring a password, thus eliminating the need for users to remember multiple passwords or use insecure methods such as writing them down.

When you want to eliminate the need for users to remember passwords. Passwordless Authentication Software is a great solution when your organization has many employees who are not tech-savvy and have trouble remembering their passwords, or if there’s an employee turnover rate that makes it difficult for IT staff members to keep track of all user accounts.

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