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Proctorio is an online proctoring software that allows students to take exams from the comfort of their own homes. The software uses a webcam and microphone to record the exam taker and monitor their activity, ensuring that they are not cheating. Pro...
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Proctortrack is a leading online proctoring software that helps organizations to conduct secure remote exams. It is a web-based application that uses the webcam and microphone of the computer to monitor the exam taker. Proctortrack also records the v...
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Frequently asked questions

Online proctoring software works by connecting to the student’s computer via a secure internet connection. The online proctor then monitors and records all activity on the screen, including keystrokes, mouse movements and screenshots of what is being displayed on the monitor at any given time. This allows for an accurate assessment of whether or not cheating has occurred during testing.

There are two types of Online Proctoring Software. The first is a web-based proctoring software that you access through your browser, and the second type is an application installed on your computer or mobile device (iPad/iPhone). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Web-based proctoring software can be accessed from any computer with internet connection, but it requires installation of additional plugins to work properly in all browsers. Application based online proctors do not require installation of anything extra; however they only work when running as applications on computers or mobile devices (iPads/ iPhones) connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

Online proctoring software is a great way to ensure that your students are taking their exams in the proper environment. It also allows you to monitor each student’s progress and make sure they aren’t cheating or using unauthorized materials during the exam.

The biggest disadvantage of online proctoring software is that it can be difficult to use. It may take a while for you and your students to get used to the system, which means more time spent on training than teaching. Also, if there are any technical issues with the program or internet connection during an exam session, then all exams will have to be rescheduled at another date and time. This could cause problems for both teachers and students who need their grades as soon as possible after completing an exam in order to plan ahead accordingly (for example applying for jobs).

Online Proctoring Software is a must have for any company that wants to offer online proctored exams. It can be used by companies offering professional certification, academic testing or even high school and college level courses.

The first and foremost criteria is that the Online Proctoring Software should be easy to use. It must have a user-friendly interface so that even if you are not an IT expert, you can easily operate it without any hassle. You also need to check whether the software has all features which will help in conducting online exams or tests smoothly.

Online Proctoring Software is installed on a computer that has access to the Internet. The student will be given instructions for logging into the software and taking their exam online. A proctor monitors the student's activity during testing, ensuring they are following all test-taking rules and regulations set forth by your institution or organization.

Online Proctoring Software is a great solution for any institution that wants to offer online courses. It can be used in the following situations:

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