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WATS is a Manufacturing Intelligence Software that provides users with the ability to track, analyze and improve their manufacturing process. The software offers a real-time view of production data, as well as historical analysis tools to help identi...
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TrendMiner is a Manufacturing Intelligence Software that enables users to explore and analyze data from industrial processes in order to improve process performance. The software provides an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly identify t...
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Frequently asked questions

Manufacturing Intelligence Software is a software that helps in the manufacturing process. It works by collecting data from various sources and then analyzing it to provide insights on how to improve production, reduce costs, increase efficiency etc. The collected data can be anything like temperature of machines or raw material inventory levels or even employee attendance records. This information is analyzed using advanced algorithms which help in providing actionable insights for improving business performance.

There are two types of Manufacturing Intelligence Software. The first is the traditional software that has been around for years and provides basic manufacturing intelligence capabilities such as data collection, reporting, dashboards and alerts. These systems have evolved over time to include more advanced features like predictive analytics but they still lack a true understanding of what’s happening in your factory floor or plant environment. They also require significant manual effort from operators to collect information which can be very costly when you consider how many people it takes just to keep these systems running properly on an ongoing basis.The second type of system is one that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology combined with machine learning algorithms so it actually learns about your processes by observing them without any human intervention required at all. This allows manufacturers who use this kind of AI-based solution not only get better insights into their operations but also reduce costs significantly because there’s no need for humans anymore.

Manufacturing Intelligence Software is a software that helps in the manufacturing process. It can be used to monitor and control all aspects of production, from raw material procurement through final assembly. The benefits are as follows:

There are no disadvantages of a Manufacturing Intelligence Software.

Manufacturing Intelligence Software is used by companies that want to improve their manufacturing processes. It can be a great tool for any company, but it’s especially useful for those who are looking to increase the efficiency of their production lines and reduce costs.

The best Manufacturing Intelligence Software should allow you to track your inventory, manage the production process and monitor quality. It should also be easy to use so that anyone in your company can access it from anywhere at any time.

Manufacturing Intelligence Software is implemented by installing the software on a computer and connecting it to all of your manufacturing equipment. The system will then automatically collect data from each piece of equipment, analyze that data for trends or anomalies, and send you alerts when something needs attention.

Manufacturing Intelligence Software is a great fit for companies that are looking to improve their manufacturing processes. It can be implemented at any stage of the production process, but it’s best used when you have already established your goals and objectives.

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