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6clicks is a GRC Platform that enables organisations to manage their compliance risks and obligations in one place. It provides users with visibility of all their compliance risks across the organisation, and allows them to create and track action pl...
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GRC Platforms are designed to provide a secure, scalable and cost-effective way for companies to manage their compliance obligations. They typically include the following components:• A web portal that allows users (e.g., employees) to access information about company policies and procedures;• An electronic system that records user activity in relation to those policies and procedures;• Software tools used by management or third parties such as auditors, lawyers or consultants who need access on an ongoing basis; and/or• Data storage facilities where all of this data is stored securely over time.

There are two types of GRC Platforms. The first is a platform that provides the ability to create and manage an entire set of policies, procedures, standards and controls for your organization. This type of platform can be used by any size company or government agency as it allows you to customize all aspects from top-down (i.e., Board level) down through departmental levels in order to meet specific needs within each area/department. These platforms also provide the ability for users at different levels within an organization to access information based on their role or need without having direct access rights into other areas they do not have authorization over; this helps prevent unauthorized disclosure when sharing data with others outside one’s own group/area who may not have been granted appropriate security clearance(s).The second type is more focused on providing compliance management capabilities such as audit trails, reporting tools and dashboards which allow organizations to track progress against regulatory requirements while allowing them flexibility in how they choose implement these features across various departments depending upon what makes sense given their business processes – i.e., some companies will want full visibility throughout whereas others might only require certain reports generated periodically versus real time monitoring capability so there isn’t

GRC Platforms are designed to help organizations manage their risk and compliance programs. They provide a single source of truth for all your data, which is critical in today’s regulatory environment where the rules change frequently. A good platform will also allow you to automate many processes so that they can be done more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Finally, it should give you visibility into what is happening across your organization at any given time – allowing you to make better decisions about how best to protect yourself from risks while staying compliant with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA/HITECH.

The main disadvantage of a GRC Platform is that it can be expensive to implement and maintain. It also requires the organization to have an IT department with adequate resources, which may not always be available in smaller organizations or companies.

Any company that wants to be able to demonstrate compliance with the law and other regulations, as well as any company that needs a way of managing risk. This includes financial services companies (banks, insurance firms), healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics) and government agencies.

The criteria for buying a GRC Platforms are as follows.1) It should be able to provide you with the information that is required by your organization and it must have an easy-to-use interface. 2) You need to know how much data can be stored in its database, what kind of reports will it generate, etc., 3) How many users can access this platform at any given time? 4) What type of security features does it offer? 5) Does the vendor support multiple platforms or just one specific product line? 6 ) Is there a training program available from the vendor if needed ? 7 ) Can you get help when using their products via phone or email 24/7 8 ) Are they willing to work with other vendors such as Microsoft , Oracle , SAP 9 ) Do they have good references 10). Will they give me free trial period 11 ). If I buy now do I get upgrades 12). What happens after my contract expires 13)? 14). Who owns all my data 15)? 16.) Where is my data located 17?). 18.). 19.) 20 . 21 .) 22 . 23 ...

GRC Platforms are implemented in a variety of ways. The most common implementation is to have the platform as an application that runs on top of existing infrastructure, such as SharePoint or SAP ERP. Other implementations include having it run within its own dedicated environment (e.g., Oracle E-Business Suite) and/or using cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure for hosting purposes.

When you have a need to manage risk and compliance across the enterprise.

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