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ArcGIS is a GIS software that allows you to create, manage, and analyze your data in order to better understand and solve problems. With ArcGIS, you can easily visualize your data in 2D or 3D maps, perform spatial analysis, and share your results with others.

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ArcGIS is currently rated on Capterra, GetApp, TrustRadius.

ArcGIS works on SaaS/Web/Cloud.

ArcGIS offers training via Documentation, Webinars.

ArcGIS offers support 24/7 Live Support, Online, Business Hours.

Vitruvi, ENFOS, PtMS, LandVision are the top alternatives to ArcGIS.

ArcGIS has many features amongst which are Internet Mapping, Incident Mapping, Map Sharing, Court Management Integration, Certification Management, Color Coding.

I've been using ArcGIS for a few years now and it's definitely my go-to when it comes to GIS software. It's user-friendly and has a ton of features that make my job a lot easier. Plus, the support is great - I always feel like I can get help when I need it.
This software is missing a lot of features that other GIS software has. It's not as user-friendly as it could be, and the documentation is lacking. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
If you are looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly GIS software, then ArcGIS is the way to go. I have been using it for my small business for a while now and it has made my work easier and more efficient. It is easy to use and understand, even for those who are not familiar with GIS software. Additionally, its customer support is excellent – they are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have. Overall, I highly recommend ArcGIS for small businesses.
ArcGIS is terrible when it comes to customer support. I've been trying to get help for weeks and no one has been able to assist me. I'm extremely frustrated and would not recommend this software to anyone.
If your enterprise is looking for a GIS software that is comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable, then ArcGIS is the answer. It has everything you need to create detailed maps and perform sophisticated analysis. The software is constantly being updated with new features and improvements. Plus, the support team is always available to help with any questions or issues you may have.
I've been using ArcGIS for a few years now and it's by far the best GIS software I've used. It's very user-friendly and has a ton of features that make my job a lot easier. The mapping tools are great and the ability to share maps with others is really handy. Overall, I highly recommend ArcGIS to anyone in need of good GIS software.
I've been using ArcGIS for a few years now and I have to say that the customer support is amazing. Whenever I've had an issue or needed help, the staff has always been quick to respond and very helpful. They really know their stuff!
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Gitnux Score
Gitnux Score
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Gitnux Score
Great product
Internet Mapping
Incident Mapping
Map Sharing
Court Management Integration
Certification Management
Color Coding