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Pega Customer Service
Pega Customer Service is a powerful customer self-service software that helps organizations deliver an outstanding customer experience. It provides customers with the ability to quickly find answers to their questions, and allows them to resolve issu...
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Frequently asked questions

A Customer Self-Service Software is a software that allows the customers to access their account information and perform transactions without having to contact customer service. The most common types of self-service applications are online banking, bill pay, mobile payments and eCommerce sites.

There are two types of Customer Self-Service Software. The first type is the software that allows customers to perform self-service tasks on their own, without having to contact a customer service representative. This can include things like checking account balances and transferring funds between accounts or paying bills online. The second type of CSR software is designed for use by customer service representatives when they need help from other departments within an organization (such as IT) in order to resolve issues with customers’ requests or complaints.

The benefits of a Customer Self-Service Software are many. It allows the customer to have access to their own information, and it also gives them control over how they want that information delivered. This is especially important for customers who may not be able or willing to call in with questions about their account. They can log on at any time and get answers without having to wait on hold or talk with an agent when they don’t need one.

The main disadvantage of a Customer Self-Service Software is that it does not provide the same level of support as an agent. This means that if you have any questions or problems, then you will need to contact your customer service team directly instead of being able to speak with someone over the phone.

The companies that should buy a Customer Self-Service Software are those who want to improve their customer service and reduce the costs of it.

The most important criteria for selecting a Customer Self-Service Software are functionality and price. However, there are other factors that you should consider before making your decision. For instance, ease of use is crucial to the user’s adoption of the software; if they find it difficult or frustrating to use then they will quickly lose interest in using it at all. You also need to think about how easy it will be for users who have never used this type of system before – especially those with limited computer skills – as well as whether any training would be required prior to implementation (and what kind).

The Customer Self-Service Software is implemented in the form of a web application. It can be accessed through any browser and does not require installation on your computer or mobile device. You will need to have an internet connection for using this software, but you do not need to download anything from our website onto your computer or mobile device.

When you have a large number of customers and want to reduce the cost of customer service.

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