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Mixamo is a 3D character animation software that allows users to create and customize characters for use in Unity, Blender, Maya, 3ds Max and other popular game engines. With Mixamo, you can quickly bring your characters to life with pre-made animations and motion capture data from professional actors.

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Mixamo is currently rated on Capterra, GetApp.

Mixamo works on SaaS/Web/Cloud.

Mixamo offers training via Documentation, Live Online.

Mixamo offers support Online.

Create Studio, Vyond, Harmony, Doodly are the top alternatives to Mixamo.

Mixamo has many features amongst which are 3D Animation, Export Media, Character Rigging, 3D Video Editing, Character Skinning, 3D Modeling, Model Library.

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I love Mixamo! It's a great choice for animation software because it's easy to use and has a lot of features. The library is also really good, so you can find the perfect animations for your project.
This software is missing a lot of features that I need in order to create the animations I want. It's very limited and doesn't have nearly enough options to create the kind of animations I need.
As a small business, we don't have the budget to hire professional animators. Mixamo is an affordable alternative that gives us access to high quality animations that we can use in our projects. The software is easy to use and the results look great. I highly recommend Mixamo for any small business looking to add animation to their repertoire.
The software is great, but the customer support is terrible. I had an issue with my account and it took them over a week to get back to me. By that time, I had already fixed the problem myself.
If you're in the market for animation software, Mixamo is a great option for enterprises. The software is easy to use and has a wide range of features, making it perfect for businesses that want to create animated content. Plus, the price is very reasonable compared to other options on the market.
Mixamo is a terrible animation software that barely works. The functionality is extremely limited and the user interface is confusing and difficult to use. I would not recommend this software to anyone.
I love Mixamo! It's the best animation software I've ever used. The interface is user-friendly and the results are amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great animation tool.
I had some trouble using the software at first, but their customer support was super helpful and got me up and running in no time. I'm really happy with Mixamo and would recommend it to anyone looking for animation software.
Animation Software
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3D Animation
Export Media
Character Rigging
3D Video Editing
Character Skinning
3D Modeling
Model Library